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"People who get this cancer are those who have GERD and, in the U.S., probably 60 million people have reflux and about 20 percent of those have reflux on a weekly basis, and those are the ones who'd be most at risk to get this cancer, ... If you have chronic reflux, you need to pay attention, and if you have reflux and you have trouble swallowing, weight loss or bleeding, you should see a doctor. Those are alarm or early-warning signs."
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"It sets up sort of a three-company race toward who's going to control the environment where software plays out,"
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"[Obesity may also play a role in the disease.] No one is really sure, ... In the West, body mass index is increasing, and it's thought that by becoming obese, people are more predisposed to getting heartburn."
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Even though it's increased, it's still not as prevalent as colon cancer,"
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"I have that fear (of West Nile) - I step out at dusk and I'm slapping my arms and legs because you just don't know which one is the viral carrier, ... I spoke to one of my doctor friends this morning. I asked him what concerns does he have, as a doctor, about the spray. And he says he has none at all."
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Dance as though no one is watchingLove as though you've never been hurtSing as though no one can hear youLive as though heaven is on earth."
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes

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