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"I know that these events have encouraged veterans to talk about their wartime experience, some for the first time, and pass on their own family's story to younger generations giving them the opportunity to keep these memories alive."
Author: Ingram Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This is a crucial element in any part of security sector reform, ... If you don't have civilian control ... the security sector reform will not succeed."
Author: Ingram Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Lessons for the Future."
Author: Ingram Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"What I can say is that U.S. forces helped to provide urgent medical support at the scene of the incident, something for which I know our forces are grateful,"
Author: Ingram Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"We are there for weapon collection, not to work a green line between the two sides, not to peace-make or to peace-keep and not to pursue one group against another. If it does go pear-shaped, then this force will have to terminate."
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