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"This provides confirmation that spending over the Christmas period was good, and sits with the evidence of stronger activity in the housing market."
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"This is one of the biggest problems facing the economy, bigger even, perhaps, than the consumer slowdown."
"It is questionable whether this level of job creation is sustainable as productivity growth remains low, at 1.1 per cent, and the number of vacancies fell sharply in March, down 3 per cent compared to February and over 7 per cent compared to March last year."
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"My goal was to go down there and rescue a small family or two,"
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"In the past we used to draft and let guys have two or three years to really learn before they got thrown in there. Those days are gone. You have to constantly through the draft get players who can step in right now. That's the key to it. Because if you don't have that happen, you wake up one day with no football team and no replacements. It's really pretty simple."
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"the current level of retirement benefits is unsustainable and will eventually sink the company."
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"The issue is whether discovery is relevant here."
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"We're not looking for a rate cut, ... The UK does not need it. House prices and retail sales are holding up well. This island is relatively strong but we do expect another rate cut in coming months."
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