Ram Bhagavatula Quotes

5 Ram Bhagavatula quotes:

"It was all energy prices, so I wouldn't make too much of the soft rise in the core (rate),"
Author: Bhagavatula Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The bond market is still focused heavily on the Fed commitment. The Fed is increasingly telling us that it's the performance of the economy rather than a point in time that dictates policy change. And the performance of the economy is here."
"We fear the Fed has pushed too far with its (monetary policy) accommodation and will have to hike in a hurry,"
Author: Bhagavatula Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"It shows that the Fed still has some work to do to cool off domestic demand. A 25-basis point rate hike at least seems a certainty next week."
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"At some point the Fed has to decide how strong do we want this economy."

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