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David Wolf Quotes

10 David Wolf quotes:

"If oil prices and gold prices go down, the Canadian dollar will go with them."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Don't eat the lasagna the night you land, ... And that hot shower, don't make it a long one. It's a little hard to stand up, especially when you're washing your hair and your head has to move. That can get you twirling around pretty good."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We see some upside risk to the third quarter and further out balances on the back of energy (particularly natural gas) prices, which continue to sustain themselves at elevated levels."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Was he a great genius? Was he an eccentric? Was he someone who was trying to raise his consciousness in a way people can't even imagine? He was on his own path and everybody gets to be their own judge listening to the stories people tell in the film."
"Earthworks Entertainment are credible people in the entertainment industry and have had a number of successes, ... We want to work together and figure out how to bring the Big Dog character to life through media."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Entertainment Quotes
"Space is a non-forgiving environment, particularly during EVA. We accept some risks, as we do with every launch, because we know the benefits."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It really comes down, more than anything else, to 'do you have a job?' and 'are you confident about keeping your job?'. If the answer to both of those are 'yes' then consumer confidence is going to be strong."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"If the provinces' budgets get a little better and the federal budget a little worse, it can only be good for provincial bonds."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes Bonds Quotes
"I seriously wonder if he would go to a premier of a movie about his life because he would have other things to do. He was not into the pomp and circumstance of celebrity or fame. He was into fulfilling his destiny of making art. And I think he would have been happy and bemused, but he would have probably been on his way to Horn Island."
"Disney has a business model predicated on the widest possible exposure of its media properties to drive attendance at its theme parks and purchases of home video and licensed products. Without broad, consistent local distribution of its films and TV shows in China, their model won't work."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Business Quotes

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