Robert Parker Quotes

5 Robert Parker quotes:

"It was like a member of the family. We loved the dog. There is nothing wrong on our part."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"On the big issues, Joan and I are amazingly in tune, but on the creature-comfort level, we're incompatible."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"Being a professor and working are not the same thing. The academic community is composed largely of nitwits. If I may generalize. People who don't know very much about what matters very much, who view life through literature rather than the other way around."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Trust me, I didn't add any points for Ms. Samson's personal presentation."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"I don't want to work hard on a book that is not going to be published in my lifetime. I want the money now! And, of course, I want to see the book published."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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