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"I don't know, I don't really have a view about what my contemporaries are doing, except that I enjoy individual writers and so on."
"I'm shy of comparisons to Dickens because he's one of the absolute greats and it's silly to compare a contemporary novelist with someone."
"I live a perfectly happy and comfortable life in Blair's Britain, but I can't work up much affection for the culture we've created for ourselves: it's too cynical, too knowing, too ironic, too empty of real value and meaning."
"The biggest markets for my books outside the UK are France and Italy, and those are the two countries where I also have the closest personal relationships with my translators - I don't know whether that's a coincidence, or if there's something to be learned from it."
"The writer I feel the most affinity with - you said you felt my books are 19th century novels, I think they're 18th century novels - is Fielding, Henry Fielding, he's the guy who does it for me."
"I'm one of those unlucky people who had a happy childhood."
"I had no sense of any reputation that What a Carve Up! might acquire - at the time I didn't even have a publisher, so my main worry was whether it was even going to see the light of day or not."
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"I like the idea of a big caesura between the narratives, a space which readers can fill in with their own speculative history."
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