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12 Michael Garcia quotes:

"This is an organization that used violence and threats to protect enormous profits."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Bennett had been keeping this debt a secret from regulators and from the members of the public who had just two months ago invested hundreds of millions of dollars in an initial public offering,"
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"The Oil-for-Food program was designed to provide humanitarian relief to the Iraqi people; these defendants undermined those relief efforts to line their own pockets with oil profits."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"KPMG and HVB have admitted that they and their co-conspirators used false and misleading documentation to cheat the government out of billions of dollars in taxes owed by America's wealthiest citizens."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"This innovative settlement demonstrates the federal government's resolve to protect the health and safety of this City's citizens through enforcement of our nation's environmental laws. The settlement will ensure compliance with federal laws and regulations."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"Proper management of underground storage tanks makes sense from both an environmental and economic standpoint. A leak of just one gallon from an underground tank can be costly and time-consuming to remediate. This settlement will improve the health and safety of our city's resident."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"This defendant is a danger to anyone he would come into contact with,"
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"These are cultural treasures, ... and they really do not belong to any one person, they belong to a society, a culture, and they should be enjoyed by everyone. ICE's mission is to stop the illicit trade in these artifacts, to track down and return these items and make sure they go back to their rightful owners."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"That smuggling activity exposes a vulnerability in our border security, and that is a vulnerability we will address."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"These defendants developed their sources of information in the hopes of running that insider trading business as a money-making machine, and for a little while it worked, netting millions of dollars."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"We had to struggle to find crimes in the books that fit the conduct here."
"After their testimony the suffering and the pain caused by this defendant can now be associated with real family, with real lives lost, lives that were stolen by this defendant."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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