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Kazuo Ishiguro Quotes

6 Kazuo Ishiguro quotes:

"I used to think when I was in my teens I was very different from my father, but now I see that what we do is probably quite similar."
Author: Ishiguro Quotes Category: Fathers Quotes Japanese Author Quotes
"I couldn't speak Japanese very well, passport regulations were changing, I felt British, and my future was in Britain. And it would also make me eligible for literary awards. But I still think I'm regarded as one of their own in Japan."
Author: Ishiguro Quotes Category: Future Quotes Japanese Author Quotes
"The idea of a successful novel was something that was reviewed in the Observer and then sank without trace. Literature wasn't a happening thing in those days. Music and fringe theatre and television playwriting were far more exciting."
"Screenplays I didn't really care about, journalism, travel books, getting my writer friends to write about their dreams or something. I just determined to write the books I had to write."
Author: Ishiguro Quotes Category: Books And Reading Quotes Japanese Author Quotes
"I still have a suspicion of charity and think the state has a role to play in many areas. And although for most of the years since I have been a rather privileged writer, I identify more closely than perhaps I should with those social workers. Had I not become a writer that would have been me."
Author: Ishiguro Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"By mimicking the way memory works, a writer can actually write in a fluid way-one solid scene doesn't have to fall on another solid scene, you can just have a fragment that then dovetails into another one that took place 30 years apart from it. It doesn't have to be fully realized, it can be a glancing, shadowy reference to something that you'll come back to later, and then it moves on."
Author: Ishiguro Quotes Category: Memory Quotes

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