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7 Andrew Adamson quotes:

"But I had dealt with visual effects challenges before, so I wasn't put off by something like that."
Author: Adamson Quotes Category: Challenges Quotes
"The books were very important to me as child. I was worried they'd try to modernize it. When I finally agreed to meet them they said they wanted to be really faithful, too."
"I didn't want to make the book as it was, I wanted to make the book as I remembered it."
"It was an interesting and challenging character to cast. To create an omnipotent being that was still accessible, so you felt the vulnerability of when he dies."
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"Even on the phone, there was this resonance, but mainly this warmth, that was really ideal for the character."
Author: Adamson Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"I wanted real kids. I didn't want Hollywood kids doing weird accents."
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"This movie is about forgiveness,"

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