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Ed Mcmahon Quotes

9 Ed Mcmahon quotes:

"Golf courses sell real estate and that's why they're built."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"The majority of people who buy homes in golf course communities don't play golf. Golf is way down at the bottom in terms of total numbers and growth."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"Honesty is the most single most important factor having a direct bearing on the final success of an individual, corporation, or product."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Honesty Quotes
"This is a city that's had a terrible tragedy, but there's an opportunity to build it back and build it back better. It could become a city that integrates rather than isolates, a city that inspires, a city that celebrates history and diversity and culture and people."
"What developers are realizing is that they can provide green space that costs almost nothing to develop and it's an amenity that homeowners like and will pay a premium for."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"When a patient finds recognizable photographs, pillows and blankets in their new room, it gives them a sense of security and can make a world of difference. Things have a way of getting lost if you don't."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"But you do need to remember to bring the patient's toothbrush, comfortable clothes and shoes. Books, videos, music and any personal mementos are also a good idea."
"It's going to be a traumatic time for everyone, there's no doubt about that."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We all see the mills and all the stack lumber and it would be hard to think we would be in a bind, but realize even before this catastrophe, lumber had a high demand on it."
Author: Mcmahon Quotes Category: Hard Quotes

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