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Richard Price Quotes

9 Richard Price quotes:

"I've worked in the sustainable design field for 10 years. And I wanted to finally practice what I preach. This kind of development is not only marketable, it's a feasible way to promote sustainable design."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"I started thinking about my relationship with my students; I'm this guy who comes in from book - and movie - land and descends on angel wings into their classroom."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"I have expressed my regrets to the City. We made some mistakes out here and had some erosion problems."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"I can never read this book, just like I can never see a movie that I wrote a screenplay for. I can read it and see it physically, but I can't accurately judge it. I'm too close to it. If I read it ten times I'll have ten different reactions."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"This book falls under the category of "stuff I know," as opposed to "stuff I need to learn"."
"Very nice results. Pricing was a significant factor and they had no extraneous events in the quarter."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"There's a dangerous thrill - a rush - in goodness. If you don't keep your wits about you, if you don't have a very sober take on what you're doing and who you're doing it too, you can inadvertently set little fires. The very people you are helping can wind up, emotionally, in worse shape than they were before."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Goodness Quotes
"ADC's Fiber Distribution Hub best meets our network requirements relative to product features and functionality, performance, cost and proven success in the industry. We are very confident in our selection of ADC as a key supplier in support of our FTTX network deployment and are excited to be able to respond to the growing demands in our communities for advanced communication from the home."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I don't think you're going to see any significant difference in application of (MSHA) rules to the operators."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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