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"For years, the database has been an extremely vigorous competition between DB2 and Oracle database. The heat has gotten more intense because middleware has been added to the mix."
"This proves to me that there is still a lot of competition in the marketplace and, particularly, that SAP does not have a lock on the market. What this says is that there's a lot of issues in a competitive deal and that the market system still works for enterprise software."
"The explosive growth in the size and quantity of databases is a well-known phenomenon in virtually every vertical industry. Making intelligent use of this data is now seen as a major part of companies' efforts to improve their operational efficiency; to better serve customers and partners; to develop, market and sell better products; and to stay on top of their regulatory and compliance requirements. SAND Technology's SAND/DNA reveals a unique and creative way to solve the problems endemic to data warehouse archiving."
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" however owes it to [customers] to explain why this happened. They should be taking active responsibility and refunding costs to customers."

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