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"We hope the Supreme Court's unanimous ruling and an aggressive education effort will dissuade companies and individuals from engaging in these types of unlawful activities in the future. But when necessary, we will pursue all avenues ? including legal means ? to protect our product from theft."
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"It appears to be more about trade than the promotion of cultural diversity. The World Trade Organization is the place for (trade),"
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"Our ultimate goal is a global market for films and filmed entertainment unimpeded by the artificialities of government policies, instead governed only by the tastes and demands of the audiences and our ability to meet those demands."
"Giving farmers more flexibility to pay back their loans will help many of them stay in business during this difficult period of low prices, ... USDA is committed to providing needy family farmers as much help handling loan repayments as we possibly can, in addition to making credit more accessible."
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"We live in interesting times. It's important how we respond in 2006 to these challenges. We are in state of ongoing change. The power of stories remain the key to our success. The play is the thing."
"We're spending today, depending upon which agency of government, significantly more money on fire preparedness and treatment than we were spending in 1993, ... I think the real issue is that we have a situation that has been unparalleled in the last 50 years right now, and that has to do with what I call 'the perfect storm' phenomenon of weather and fuel loads."
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"Despite increasing competition for consumers' time and entertainment dollars, theatergoing remains a satisfying constant in people's lives. That said, we can't bury our heads in the sand. We do have to attract customers and keep regulars coming back."
"Despite increasing competition for consumers' time and entertainment dollars, theater-going remains a satisfying constant in people's lives."
"Digital File Check is easy to use and can help people prevent their employees, children and others from illegally downloading and swapping movies."
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"We screened that movie before members of Congress. Hopefully, the screening of the movie had some kind of an effect on the process."
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"[And yet talk to Hollywood and the establishment that should be crushing him seems in awe instead:] He's obviously a very brilliant guy, ... have some revolutionary ideas and interesting concepts and we have been talking with them."
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"You will see regional negative effects in local economies, ... And you will see income loss among local farmers."
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"I have received an official request from the government of the Russian Federation for additional food assistance, ... The United States is now in the process of reviewing this request."
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"All the way from major national restaurants and food retailers to hospitals and hotels, we now see organizations all over America involved,"
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"They are still there pouring over records and interviewing people, looking into both the plants food safety procedures and the degree to which Hudson's has been forthcoming in providing timely and accurate information to the USDA,"
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