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36 Robert Brusca quotes:

"This is a big leakage for our economy. We're at a very complicated situation with our economy."
"consumer prices are really going to be under control, as well."
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"Each Fed Chairman has to go through his own, on-the-job, trial by fire. There is no other way."
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"But even if you have a weak number next month, even if you get zero growth, you'd be averaging about 150,000 new jobs a month (for the last six months.) So the Fed would need to see something less than zero to change its mind."
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"While consumer spending has sparked up a bit recently, linking it to better output growth is still highly speculative."
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"We had expected a small braking, a minor tap on the pedal, from GDP growth but not a move down to a lower gear."
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"We can't pump out jobs at the rate of 300,000 a month. Numbers as high as even 200,000 a month, they're even too much."
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"The tone seems a bit hawkish -- he admits to little in the way of signs of softness in the economy or risks to growth."
"Some of the signals pointing to job market improvement simply did not bear fruit this month. The report makes the economy look even less like it is building a head of steam."
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"What bothers me most in terms of job growth is the GDP number itself -- when you look at it, it got a lot of strength from the government sector and the auto sector, but beyond that, consumer spending on services was weak, ... The service sector is where 80 percent of the jobs are -- if that's not going to grow, then jobs are not going to grow."
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"Retail sales are kind of floundering here. Clearly, you've got a bit of a flat spot in the first quarter. But after all the spending for autos [last year], we knew we were going to have some of this occur. The question is really how languid the consumer is."
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"During this recent period there may be some extra spending on the part of those recovering from hurricane disasters. But it is also true that comprehensive consumer spending has been outstripping income growth over this period,"
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"The claims numbers always do strange things at the end of the year, ... There was some improvement at the turn of the year, but the story is that claims are gravitating back to the 400,000, where they were for quite while."
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"The president has an atrocious record when it come to job growth."
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"This refunding went really poorly. People still have nagging concerns."
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"The extent to which it feeds back to you and me is that banks become less aggressive about taking risk ... and this could curtail economic activity."
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"We're getting some very good spending going into the first quarter. It's interesting that while there is spending optimism, consumers are still clearly divided into two main categories -- those with lots of money and those that are hurting. That's why these monthly results have shown so much irregularity."
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"The Federal Reserve has talked about the economy being in a soft spot -- well, it's really in a soft spot."
"These are big declines. It shows you how weak the economy is. Prices don't decline like this unless you've got slack demand conditions."
"We're getting sort-of mixed results with what is happening in the economy."

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