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Dean Young Quotes

7 Dean Young quotes:

"God bless my daddy, ... He was the genius who created this wonderful menagerie of characters. A monkey could do my job with the characters I have to work with. He left me this cast of characters and this dominant gene."
"Wealthy playboys and flappers just weren't funny anymore, ... So (dad) got them married, and (Dagwood) was disowned by his millionaire daddy. When they got into the kitchen and started having kids, it took off like a rocket."
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"As a kid, I remember my dad working on the strip, ... There'd always be just roars of laughter coming from his studio. The strip was fun for him and I think that sense of fun was infectious."
"You see, my dad grew up on Hollywood two-reelers and screwball comedies, ... His humor was very surreal and fanciful at times. I grew up on a steady diet of TV sitcoms, so my humor is more-to-earth."
"As they settled into marriage, 'Blondie' started to resonate with more people, ... Dagwood wasn't too different than a lot of guys. He forgets to take out the garbage. He'd rather eat one of his huge sandwiches than go out to any fancy restaurant. Hopefully, most people don't have bosses like Mr. Dithers but they could definitely relate to some of the challenges at the workplace."
"How could he not? ... Look at his head: He's got all that hair sticking out. My dad realized he had certain intrinsic qualities, his hair, his eating habits. A lot of funny idiosyncrasies."
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"My dad's comedic sensibilities were uniquely his own and very different from mine, ... But he was very good. He said if I should ever inherited the strip, he wanted me to infuse my own sense of humor into the strip. He wanted me to make it my own."
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