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Jason Richardson Quotes

10 Jason Richardson quotes:

"Once you beat a team like that once or twice, especially at their place, you get confidence about them, you get confidence against them. You know that you can play with them anytime."
"They had good defense on me. Four seconds, you've got to get a shot up. I couldn't get the ball out of my hands and I couldn't get a good shot off."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"I don't think we have that killer instinct mode. When we have teams down by 10, 15 we've got them on the ropes. We let them stay in the fight instead of knocking them out. We have to act like pit bulls. We have to keep swinging. We have to go for that killer punch."
"It is do or die. The season is coming to an end. We still have an opportunity. It has to be a big trip for us."
"I'm only about 65-70 percent. I'll have to do other things besides scoring, because I hate sitting, but I haven't shown up the past four games."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"He's not afraid to make mistakes. It's amazing how he gets offensive rebounds. The moment he steps on the court he's playing hard."
"Can't expect any less. Former team. One guy traded from here. One wanted to be here, but had a money situation. You expect them to come out and play hard."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"Of course the playoffs are still on our mind. We're in a position for the last playoff spot with a few other teams, but we can't worry about them. We just have to continue to go out and win games."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Maybe we're giving up too easy. I don't know what it is. I'm mentally worn down, (and) I'm playing on one knee. I just can't move, but I'm still on the court. I had a horrible game. I haven't showed up the last four games."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"This is the result of an extremely personal matter. I deeply regret being involved in any situation that results in the embarrassment of my family, friends and fans, the Golden State Warriors and the NBA,"
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Regret Quotes

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