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Jeremy Crabtree Quotes

7 Jeremy Crabtree quotes:

"Some say the rankings are as complex as the BCS. We pride ourselves trying to tweak it each year and trying to develop it. The best way is sum up all the parts. Both quality and good quantity will score the nation's No. 1 class. You can still rank high if you have only 15 to 16 [commitments in a] class ... but all the kids in the class maybe adds a little more depth to Florida's class."
Author: Crabtree Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"(Wright's) reputation is stellar. He emerged late as a senior and moved up the charts."
"It should be interesting to see how he does. He was a guy who had a very good reputation. He could close. If you knew it was down to him and somebody else, odds are he was going to land the kid."
"If you're expecting him to come in and be a ready-made player, I don't think so. The potential to be special is there, but he's just not there now. He's just not very physically strong right now. He really hasn't been coached a whole lot."
Author: Crabtree Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"They went not only locally but nationally for good talent."
Author: Crabtree Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"It all started with Al Woods. Then they were able to go into Georgia and get some quality players, too, and an excellent junior college offensive lineman from Kansas. They got some players from the Houston area and east Texas."
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"Those three are committed to LSU, but you know how recruiting goes."
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