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Marissa Coleman Quotes

8 Marissa Coleman quotes:

"We were making careless mistakes that were uncharacteristic of this team. Coach B said, 'Where's the team I've been coaching all year? When are they going to show up?' We took that to heart."
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"Coach B is never going to put you down. Even when she?s yelling at you she?s going to be picking you up. We definitely feed off her emotions. She loves coaching and we love playing for her."
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"Yesterday was a rough game for me. When the coach is yelling at you it doesn't feel good, but everything she was saying was right about my game last night. I wasn't crashing the glass and I wasn't helping my team out. So today I wanted to do all those things."
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"In terms of dating, not too many of [my past boyfriends] could deal with the fact that I can't answer my phone all the time because I'm at work and I have other things to do. They're on the priority list, but they're not at the top - I noticed that in a lot of my relationships it didn't work out because I had a lot of other things to do."
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"We fed off her energy. We tried to keep pounding it to her. They couldn't stop her."
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"Especially with the talent we faced [Saturday] and we faced [Sunday]. We were talking about it in the locker room -- it came down to the hustle plays and us not boxing out in their second-chance points."
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"I can't answer that question. You have to talk to Natalia [Ciccone, the team's sports information director]. I can't answer any of those questions."
"She was yelling at me because of the emotions of the game, but it was a positive thing. She said, 'We need you for this win. Don't worry about your turnovers or not making your shots. You're going to hit a key basket for us, so put a smile on your face and go out and play the game you've been playing for so long."
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