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38 Paul Getty quotes:

"A hatred of failure has always been part of my nature."
"A marriage contract to me is as binding as any in business, and I have always believed in sticking to an agreement."
"Before marriage, many couples are very much like people rushing to catch an airplane; once aboard, they turn into passengers. They just sit there."
"Control of a company does not carry with it the ability to control the price of its stock."
"During the 1950s, Aristotle Onassis and I formed what grew to be a close friendship and association in several business ventures."
"Five wives can't all be wrong."
"Governments, of course, can - and do - soak the rich."
"How does one measure the success of a museum?"
"I am - and have always been - a Methodist."
"I am neither a homosexual nor a eunuch, nor have I ever taken any vows of chastity."
"I can afford to say what I wish."
"I have absolutely no intention of marrying Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis."
"I have always enjoyed the company of women and have formed deep and long-lasting friendships with many of them."
"I have never been given to envy - save for the envy I feel toward those people who have the ability to make a marriage work and endure happily."
"I take pride in the creation of my wealth, in its existence and in the uses to which it has been and is being put."
"I vehemently deny that I was born a cynic and a pessimist."
"I was 37 when my father died-and I no longer had any freedom of choice over what I would do with the rest of my life."
"I was brought up in an era when thrift was still considered a virtue."
"I've never been one to bet on the weather."
"In Japan, I was immensely impressed by the politeness, industrious nature and conscientiousness of the Japanese people."

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