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Larry McReynolds Quotes

6 Larry McReynolds quotes:

"They're our Tiger Woods. When they're on their game, people tune in and watch. When they're off their game, people tune in to see if they can find their game. Fans' interest is still there on both sides of the spectrum."
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: People Quotes
"He (Wallace) has fire in his eyes and wants go out a a winner."
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Cell Signaling is in a fast-growing space. They develop numerous products for high-level customers, many who are pursuing treatments for cancer. Our company helped them get started, and now they are growing rapidly on their own."
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Maybe that didn't work so well me doing that with Senior. I remember once we had a 20-minute penalty in practice, and NASCAR wouldn't start the penalty until the driver was on pit road. And Senior was just raising cane, sitting in that hot black car. He said he was getting out and coming back to the garage. So I told him 'Well, I wouldn't sit in that hot car either ... you've only made a gazillion dollars sitting in it. I wouldn't sit in it another 20 minutes either.'"
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"He could step away today. He could wake up tomorrow and say, 'I'm done boys,' and be just fine."
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"You have to applaud them for doing something because it has gotten out of control. But it's going to be a tough one to police. It's a ball-or-strike call on what's blatant and what isn't blatant."
Author: McReynolds Quotes Category: Control Quotes

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