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16 Mark Richards quotes:

"We've been that way all year. We've lacked the discipline we've needed to be successful. By the time we started taking bad penalties, (the game) was mostly out of hand."
"Many of them are not sure what being a leader is yet. I want to allow them to use events that are important to the community ... to allow them to have that opportunity to be that leader."
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"I've had an enjoyable medical practice and an enjoyable family life, but one of the places I feel I've been most helpful was touching kids' lives through athletics,"
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"It doesn't matter, we still finished, broke the record and the boys are very happy."
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"There's a lot of ways to go in there and steal games. First and foremost is the commitment to play the system and play as hard as they can every shift."
"My second thought was my wife (Cyndi) and my children, and how quickly I could prepare them for what we would be facing. Then I sat there and felt like, 'Man, I wasted a lot of time.' You sure look at things differently."
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"We issued a code green which is for an external situation involving an event in the community. We bring in additional nurses and physicians to handle the situation."
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"Until we clinch a playoff spot, we have to play every game with a sense of urgency and desire. If we play Fayetteville like we played Jacksonville (on Tuesday), we'll lose by six goals."
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"It's fun to be in games now. There were times earlier this season when the other team had a touchdown on us after the first period."
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"Special teams have hurt us all season. We need to cut down on the number of penalties we commit and the number of goals we allow when they do have the extra man."
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"My first thought was that in some way, I needed to bring honor to God through this situation and not show any bitterness because that would not help my children at all,"
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"I am praying to God to provide me a miracle, ... I hope I am approaching things right; God has been good to me for 50 years, and I really can't complain."
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"We knew if it was a downhill race we'd be hard to beat. Alfa Romeo was faster for the first 12 hours but once we got the spinnaker on we took off."
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"We knew this was a downhill race and that we'd be very, very hard to beat."
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"Here we got a high school student doing something that's really a smart move on his part. I just want to say his smart thinking was able to drive the bus safely, get to a safe stop and take care of the 11 other students on the bus."
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"I think we've talked about that a lot, about the opportunity and how it's knocking at our door. There's a lot of players who played minor-league hockey for 10-15 years that never made it past the first round."

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