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John Terry Quotes

10 John Terry quotes:

"We've got the Portuguese boys who have won a few things and the rest of us who are hungry for a taste of it. It's the right combination to win things. I think we are quite popular at the moment because people like to see a new team coming through, but maybe our aim is to be hated because we keep on winning."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I bought a few copies of the DVD and dished them out to the family. Obviously it was very pleasing to get the winner against such a great team, but the most important thing was to go through. It was fantastic for me."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"The players are still behind the manager. He's the man in charge. He picks the squad and the team and the players respect him."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"I struggled... because my Mum and Dad didn't have any money. I had to borrow where I could for things like driving lessons."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"He's been a different class since he's been here. It was going to be difficult but he's fitted in with everyone and has been outstanding on the pitch."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"He's been different class ever since he came. He's slotted in perfectly. The lads get on very well with him."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"the worst I've ever felt after a football match."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"He is a fantastic player -- he scored a great goal the other night and is going to be a threat. I hope, having played against him a couple of times, I'll know a bit about him and be able to stop him."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"They've shown on TV four or five other clubs doing the same and there was no punishment. We've had 80% of our games on telly and it's been highlighted a little more."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Punishment Quotes
"I just tried to go in the dressing room to see him but security wouldn't let me."
Author: Terry Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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