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Gerry Fleming Quotes

6 Gerry Fleming quotes:

"We're getting too cute, too fancy (with passes). That's what happens when you got new guys coming into the lineup that are skilled players playing with guys who are skilled players. Everybody wants to show off and show how great they are and how fancy they can make things happen. As a result, we turned the puck over and we all looked like we had no idea what we were doing."
Author: Fleming Quotes Category: Cute Quotes
"A fine is fine with me. Nobody got hurt on the play."
Author: Fleming Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Fresno played well, we laid an egg, and it was an unacceptable performance. We have to play better."
"He has to develop strength in that arm."
Author: Fleming Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Second place is on the line here, boys!"
Author: Fleming Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"He said (Greenville) showed what type of character they have and we'll see what type of character (Florida) has. I think we answered their question. I don't think you can question our character."
Author: Fleming Quotes Category: Character Quotes

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