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Patrick Murray Quotes

8 Patrick Murray quotes:

"I've had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one didn't."
"A key issue in this race, as in every race, will be turnout. However, by the way they have conducted their media campaigns, both major candidates seem to have done their best to ensure that many if not most voters will stay home Tuesday."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"A Lawyer will do anything to win a case, sometimes he will even tell the truth."
"The only difference between a dead skunk lying in the road and a dead lawyer lying in the road is that there are skid marks around the skunk."
"Voters don't know what's going into the budget plan, and they don't know why decisions are made. He has done a real bad sales job in that area."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"Survey research can contribute to our knowledge base in so many different ways. We want to be a resource for state and local government. That's our job. If they need information accurately and quickly, they can turn to us."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"[The ads] had no real effect on the race, and may in fact have come back to bite Forrester, ... Voters are fed up with negative ads. Both candidates have stepped over the line, but in this case, one might have jumped over the cliff when it comes to mudslinging."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We're looking to do all kinds of interesting research. We want to be different from other polls. . . . We're not just going after horse-race issues. We want to talk about concerns people face day-to-day."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Research Quotes

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