Albert Finney Quotes

38 Albert Finney quotes:

"She is up there with the best of them. I can only talk about my experience, but it was genuinely special."
"To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's vault and mix in a sad memory from one's own life."
"He'd just run, run all the time, and he walks about, doesn't he, he never stops. I think that they put an odometer on him one day and he walked miles."
"I like playing accents, and doing things like that, it was fun. It was fun."
"I think that I'm busy in the present, and I don't want to go back. Well, there's been an unauthorized biography, and you can't stop them. It didn't worry me."
"I think that one of Tim's great qualities and abilities is in what seems like a thumbnail sketch to get something quite telling, very simply, when you're doing it or being in that thumbnail sketch, you don't feel that it's important."
"It's a marvellous life, a gregarious life that we've had. We're very lucky in that way. Unlike writers or painters, we don't sit down in front of a blank canvas and say, 'How do I start? Where do I start?'"
"My girlfriend and I rented a nice house on the river and I was there for about two and a half months, and we were just out of Alabama. I hardly got to see Alabama."
"She goes on the set with headphones and gives you notes. She's terrific and I always run to her now, because she is just great to work with, as well as very good at different accents."
"They have to exist or not in their own right. I mean, with kids, you don't say, 'Which is your favourite,' or 'Which did you enjoy bringing up the best?'"
"He just lets you go, really. When we were kind of supposed to rehearse, I don't remember rehearsing at all. We just sort of gossiped and chatted."
"He tells you stories, but then, after a while, when you want more, he doesn't give you more. He insists on this old elaboration, the old stories that never changes."
"I don't enter, I'm entered. It's up to someone else. It's up to them."
"I don't really look back at all. When I've made a film, I've made it. They kind of go out into the world and they're on their own really."
"I haven't seen the film yet because I just got in from London. In the scenes where the two characters are bantering with each other, it is like bobbing at the net in tennis."
"I'm not bothered by the paparazzi and I don't feel hemmed in, I've never felt that. My youth, mind you, there wasn't quite the same attention to celebrities as there is now, but I've never felt that."
"No, no, I go where the work is, wherever it is. I'll go, I mean, if I select it, but I don't try and ration it out or balance it at all."
"That is one of the reasons one enjoys acting. Now and again, you get scenes where you work with somebody really good and you have a good time trying to make it really work and really work well."
"You can't when you're filing, you're just busy, but I didn't see... I used to come home and my girl would make me dinner and it was lovely."
"You come on as a guest. You don't get the girl anymore. But that is our lives. You start off as the boyfriend, then you are the lover, then you are the husband, then you are the father, and then you are the grandfather."

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