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Edward Lazear Quotes

6 Edward Lazear quotes:

"It would be a significant problem and it would move in exactly the wrong direction."
Author: Lazear Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"Over the longer period of time it would move in exactly the wrong direction because it would encourage us to use more oil, not less."
Author: Lazear Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"There's not much we can do about it in the short run, and that's the reality."
Author: Lazear Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"On the other side of the trade deficit, of course, is the capital surplus. We are buying more goods than we are selling, but, on the other hand, the capital account surplus means that the United States is such an attractive market...that individuals from abroad are investing in the United States...at a record rate."
Author: Lazear Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"One of the things we worry about when we cut the tax on gasoline is that it basically stimulates additional use."
Author: Lazear Quotes Category: Worry Quotes British Artist Quotes
"It is a little surprising given the strength of the economy that there is a perception - at least among some of the public - that the economy is not very good."

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