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Brian Harvey Quotes

7 Brian Harvey quotes:

"If you can handle the time, it's great. But it's tough on the families. You have one or two kids, you are travelling around all summer. It takes a lot of time."
Author: Harvey Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"This is very, very typical of the Chinese space program. They go quite a big step each time. They very rarely repeat missions."
Author: Harvey Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"I don't think I even knew how big we were at the time. It was mad. I gained a lot through East 17 and I'm grateful for being able to have that experience."
"The answer really lies in prestige first, direct economic and social applications second, and using the space program as a cutting-edge tool for technology third."
"Ultimately what they are planning is a Chinese space station in about 2008 or so. To do that they will need to learn about how to survive on longer missions."
Author: Harvey Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"I love artists like Jon B, but I don't wanna be compared to anybody. I'm just doing my interpretation of rnb and how someone like me should be doing it."
"They have a limited budget and have to manage funds very carefully."
Author: Harvey Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes

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