Cynthia Ozick Quotes

8 Cynthia Ozick quotes:

"The usefulness of madmen is famous: they demonstrate society's logic flagrantly carried out down to its last scrimshaw scrap."
Author: Ozick Quotes Category: Madness Quotes
"After a certain number of years, our faces become our biographies."
"The engineering is secondary to the vision."
Author: Ozick Quotes Category: American Novelist Quotes Engineering Quotes
"One reason writers write is out of revenge. Life hurts; certain ideas and experiences hurt; one wants to clarify, to set out illuminations, to replay the old bad scenes and get the Treppenworte said -- the words one didn't have the strength or ripeness to say when those words were necessary for one's dignity or survival."
"Traveling is seeing; it is the implicit that we travel by."
"I wanted to use what I was, to be what I was born to be - not to have a 'career', but to be that straightforward obvious unmistakable animal, a writer."
"In saying what is obvious, never choose cunning. Yelling works better."
"I think at this moment, in the absence of Bellow, that Roth is the most courageous American writer. There's nothing he's afraid to say."
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