Andy Garcia Quotes

5 Andy Garcia quotes:

"From then on, it was forever looking for a home. But there was never any real fire to make the movie within the system."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"I don't control the movies that are offered to me, but I make choices based on certain parameters."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"A lot of people don't know about Cuban history, and I don't expect them to."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: History Quotes
"I was a banquet waiter at the Beverly Hilton hotel. You learn a lot when you're in the service industry-the jerks of the world really come to the fore. It's a valuable learning experience to be in the position where you're of service to someone who sometimes doesn't even know you're there."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"I live in a house full of women, dolls and conga drums!"
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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