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"The key point to the budget is that there are only two staff increases. The budget is status quo with the exception of two new positions in the police department. People need to understand we're not hiring a bunch of people or growing the government with the exception of those two people."
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"It's a question of how do we pay those personnel costs. There are two main choices - raise property taxes or create a franchise fee on gas and electric. We're not seeing opportunities to decrease expenditures without harming services."
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"I didn't want to believe the 3.8 percent number published in the League's little research book. That wasn't the way we would sell this show. We deliberately went out and created a marketing plan that would appeal to audiences of all races, genders, ages - everyone."
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"Read these for the characters and tales, yes, but above all for the language, which seems to rise from the very springs of invention."
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"I always thought Celie's journey was universal,"
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"[Though an arduous journey for Sanders, the humble impresario noted his is a backseat on the producing team.] I actually asked her if she would put her name above the title as a presenter as well as a producer and she said 'I can't do that to you, you've been working on this for eight years, I'd never do that.' ... My name doesn't sell two tickets, put your name on the marquee."
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"We all have obstacles to overcome and while our life's journey may not be identical to Celie, I think that triumph over adversity and moving on and finding self-love and yourself and your voice is something that we all need to do. I didn't feel like it was a black story or a woman's story, I thought it was universal and always thought the story sang, that it had so much music in its soul."
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