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Laurent Fabius Quotes

8 Laurent Fabius quotes:

"I really urge the government to withdraw this bad project before there is a serious accident."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Who will look after the children?"
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"if the US economic landing is soft there will be no consequences (for Europe)."
"with confidence, but not complacency."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"We have strayed from a rational (oil) market equilibrium and it is our duty to reset this market's reference points, ... If the current pressures were to be perpetuated, they could threaten the pursuit of global growth, as we have learned - in a different context, it is true -- from past oil shocks."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"I hope that this trial will serve truth and justice, ... I hope this necessary trial will allow us to establish that from what we knew, we acted in good conscience."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"derail economic expectations of economic agents, and put public budgets in danger of new imbalances."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"There is a social crisis which risks getting worse."
Author: Fabius Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes

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