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Steve Ellis Quotes

6 Steve Ellis quotes:

"The Corps of Engineers and Congress are partners in crime. We have this process where the pork barrel dictates that we spread the money over the 535 mouths to feed that are Congress rather than putting our resources where it makes the most sense."
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"We have real needs that we have to meet for rebuilding in the Gulf Coast, and with our tight budgets, this is almost a zero-sum game. And now we're taking about moving a railroad that's been rebuilt already? That doesn't make sense."
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"Congress and the SBA appeared to be more interested in shoveling the money out than they were in actually making sure that they were helping people affected by the 9/11 attacks."
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"It's passing the buck, literally. There are no profiles in courage in the Senate on this."
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"There is little doubt by making it safer to develop in high risk areas by promising to fund people to rebuild through flood insurance, we have made people feel it is safe to move into these areas."
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"We have a clear example here that earmarks caused harm. Because we siphoned off funds to go to parochial projects, we have put people in harm's way and exposed them to greater risk. Congress needs to put its house in order and target their funding to where there's the greatest need,"
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