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"[E-tailing's on fire:] This is a banner year for online retail sales, ... The weather was an enormous factor for the big holiday sales numbers. The other factor is that consumers are much more comfortable using the Internet and they're appreciating the convenience of it."
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"It's all about jobs. As long as people are confident about their jobs and being able to find one, they will spend. The job market so far is holding up well."
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"A couple decent quarters do not a turnaround make. The competitive issues haven't changed that much. February sales looked better but they're also set against easier comparisons. There's still a long way to go until a real turnaround."
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"Some companies will certainly take advantage of any reason to raise prices. However, when your business is dependent on fleet of vehicles, gas prices may become a legitimate reason for raising prices."
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"Technological innovation always precedes demand. It's not necessarily what the market wants or is willing to adapt to,"
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"I think people are nervous about their jobs and when people get nervous about their jobs, they get very careful about spending."
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"We're continuing to see retailers cite the weather for either making or breaking their sales numbers. Frankly, I think is an excuse tailored to satisfy Wall Street. Wall Street is a little more forgiving if a major retailer blames weather for disappointing sales."
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"These are not cookie-cutter businesses. They require unique discipline and mind set."
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"Discounters and apparel are the heart and soul of this period simply because there are so many kids today that are going to school,"
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