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16 Rodney Carney quotes:

"The chemistry is here. I hope we continue this because it's been a really fun season."
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"If we can win this, we'll be remembered forever. We can give people joy they'll have for the rest of their lives."
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"I like the open court and I like to drive to the hole and dunk on people. This style of play really helps me do that."
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"Both of us, you know, we came from a long way throughout the season. Now we're both great teams."
"He's a great defender, yeah, but I missed almost every shot I took."
"We can't look at it that way. To play those teams, we first have to take care of business in Dallas."
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"We love each other. We're looking forward to playing with each other. The chemistry is great, and it's better than it's ever been."
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"Talent prevails in those situations. We're more physical and we're more talented and that's when we can use it to our advantage."
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"That's what we've been concentrating on throughout our other victories: defense. Once we got the defense clicking, the lead just extended."
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"This is a dream senior year for any college player. I thought about the NBA, but I wanted to win and I wanted to improve on where I left off as a junior."
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"No one really looked at me. I took it to heart. I worked hard in the gym. I came to Memphis, and I progressed. It's a great feeling looking back and saying, 'You all didn't want me. But now I'm in Memphis, and we're doing good."
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"It's real hurtful right now. I'm going back home anyway, but not in the Final Four, not in the way I wanted to go."
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"At this point in the year, I'm really in a groove. I'm coming out playing great defense and knocking down easy shots. We're so talented and so deep that we don't know if that's the best we can play. We might have just scratched the surface."
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"It's kind of hectic. You really have to slow down and look for your teammates. You can't be out of control out there. If you are out of control, they are going to strip the ball from you, steal it and take charges."
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"The transition from last year has been a real fun time. We hope we can continue this season."
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"We've never been like this. The guys, we're all happy with each other, and we love being around each other, to come to practice. I couldn't say that about us a couple of years ago."
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