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Rodney Garner Quotes

6 Rodney Garner quotes:

"That's not going to help market their children at all. We fast forward through most of that (fancy production) stuff and get to the meat of it: Can they run? Can they change directions? Do they have feet?"
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"The longer you are in this business, you come to expect it. It's not just the parents who exaggerate; there are coaches out there that exaggerate. I know they are trying to sell their kids, but you definitely have to make sure you do your homework."
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"Josh Johnson, if he takes care of his business, we expect him to be back in January."
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"I hope so. I don't control that, but I would hope he would come out there with renewed passion."
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"Fortunately for us, I hate to say that word, because it is very unfortunate for them, but really we're just spot recruiting. So it is not really our main bases."
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"You go two years without signing a running back and now you've got yourself in a tougher spot. Hopefully, we'll be able to attract one, but we don't want to just sign a guy. That's the thing that we want to avoid, just taking a guy to take one and then you start getting overloaded at a position."
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