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Marc Benioff Quotes

8 Marc Benioff quotes:

"Like some of our best ideas, trust.salesforce.com was inspired by our conversations with customers. We have a tradition of leading the on-demand revolution with breakthrough innovations, and we hope that trust.salesforce.com will take its place among some of our best new products."
Author: Benioff Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"What if there was an eBay of enterprise applications? What if there was an iTunes music store of enterprise applications? We call that the AppExchange,"
Author: Benioff Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease. Our community of success demands the most reliable service that we can deliver, and our outstanding performance in March is evidence of our dedication to scaling ahead of their needs."
"Microsoft is a vestige of the past,"
Author: Benioff Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"What if there was an eBay of applications, where companies could buy and sell software, running on our platform? ... What if there was an iTunes Music Store of online applications?"
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"The era of the traditional software 'load, update and upgrade' business and technology model is over, ... It is time for 'The Business Web.' ... Just as mainframe companies struggled for relevance in the client-server era, Microsoft finds itself in a worse position today, facing not just the obsolescence of a technology model, but a business model as well."
Author: Benioff Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"[Benioff called Microsoft a failure in CRM software, the market where the company competes with Salesforce. Microsoft's product] requires every piece of Microsoft software there is ... I just think those days are over."
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"They have created a culture of acquisition instead of innovation. It's a lot easier just to write big checks than it is to innovate."
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