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"You have to have good communication with the person that's doing the massage. Massage is very personal."
"They were awesome. I'm not going to come up with any excuses. They played very inspirational hockey tonight."
"Again, we have to worry about ourselves, and we did what we had to do in this one. We have a great opportunity there for us (tonight)."
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"We had a playoff game tonight, a playoff game last night and playoff games for the two weeks before that."
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"They are the best team in the league until someone knocks them off. We gave up two goals in the first period that we never should have given up. Then, we had some great chances that their goalie made great saves on."
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"They're starting to come along, but we really need a week of practice. We're going to reassess a few things and go after it again (today). We're playing against the best power-play team in the league."
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"It was by no means a pretty win, but it was a game where we took care of business. We don't have any choice, we have to take care of our business. It's a tough place to play and they always play us well. We have to keep winning and not worry about anything else."
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"We got up 4-1 and we got complacent. Their defense jumped up the ice and put a tremendous amount of pressure on us. That's a team you have to play for 60 minutes, and we didn't do that. End of story."
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"The teams that I put together center around several character players, ... Players that lead on and off the ice. They're good in the community, and teach young players on and off the ice."
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"That was a huge goal. Samy had a great all-around game and that was a nice way for him to finish it off."
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"It's a 2-2 series now and they are guaranteed at least another game in their building. If people want to be negative about this, they're coming to the wrong person."
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