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"Stocks are really feeling the brunt of the expectation of higher rates. The market is down not only because of the change in language in the Fed statement, but because the Fed was not clear about the timing of the rates, and the market wanted more certainty."
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"There's a perception that the economy is getting better, whether that perception is real or not. You have a lot of people choosing to see the glass as half full at the moment. But I would expect that in a few days we're going to see some profit taking. This is really just a big trading range."
"With a slowing economy, banks loan less, ... It's disappointing that the market can't rally on rate cuts."
"I thought I had too much money to be happy and normal. Thousand of pounds is just too much for a working person to handle all of a sudden, and I felt I didn't deserve it."
"Of the earnings this week, I'll be looking at GE, ... They're so broad-based in their business that what they have to say is going to be important."
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"The company, which has been a leader in the industry, failed to make a selling climax Wednesday, ... The stock went down sharply and almost closed up on the day. If a stock was to make a new low and then close higher on the day, in my opinion that would be a selling climax and be positive."
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"Sales were light and that's giving people a reason to take some money off the table after the great run we've had. SAP is hitting other tech sectors besides software because it's a high-tech bellwether that's being hit by something real."
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"People don't want to lose any more money, and selling begets selling, ... No one is giving any good guidance and it's a complete selling fest."
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"You've got the Dow transports crushed, gold is up, the insurers are down and the high techs are really tanking,"
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"You've got the Dow transports crushed, gold is up, the insurers are down and the high techs are really tanking."
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"The market is defensive. It indicates to us that we'll see a slowing of profit growth going forward."
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"I think that next week is going to be trying. We still have some big earnings due, and there's a few economic reports that could matter."
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"I think the market is performing fine. We're due for a little rest and that's what you're seeing. We've had some nice days, but the volume is light, the dollar is a little weaker, and traders don't want to hold their positions ahead of the weekend."
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"The stock market is a discounting mechanism. Many people recently have seen their mortgages raised -- and many people have adjustable rate mortgages -- unfortunately they have been raised. Oil prices are at near highs. It impacts people's discretionary income. And I think we're seeing it in those stocks that would have a relationship to that discretionary income."
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"How people feel determines where stocks go. It's a simplistic thing, but it's true. The volume is good, and you've got a nice bounce today, but the main thing is that stocks are reacting positively now, even when there is negative news."
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