Marc Klee Quotes

6 Marc Klee quotes:

"Those are the ones that are very cyclical, and the economy has a big impact, but they become very cheap, ... Companies like some of the commodity semiconductors, the integrated device technology types."
"It has been a very difficult 14 months for technology stocks,"
Author: Klee Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"More and more software, more and more corporate business is going to be stored and done over the Net, ... And that's where Oracle could do very well."
Author: Klee Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"They are clearly lower risk now than they were."
Author: Klee Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Euphoria can only go on for a certain amount of time. Eventually reality wins out."
Author: Klee Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"The market correctly saw that the economy was going to soften in the fourth quarter,"

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