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A.J. Smith Quotes

9 A.J. Smith quotes:

"I think it is great for our people to be considered, but at the same token, you hate to lose some people because it is for your football team that they are good coaches."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"He's a terrific football player, very versatile. He's tough and competitive."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We don't have any comment on our business until we're complete with our business."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"If you move up, you're going to pay a price. I wouldn't be against giving up a package for a certain individual who you think is an incredible player, a difference-maker. But the people who go up to do something like that probably think, 'We're a player away from a world championship.' I don't know if we're there yet."
"We already have a value set in our mind; that is not a factor at all. We know exactly what we do and we have a way of doing our business."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"My philosophy is to pay our own players. We stepped out of the box midway through last season. We didn't want him to play for $380,000. We recognized his ability, but we didn't get anywhere. That's fine. Both parties have to agree. Unfortunately, we can't seem to get it going. Hopefully we will. Now, we all know exactly what we're up against."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Philosophy Quotes
"It's disappointing, but it's business."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"These rumors are running rampant all over the country. We're fine. Coach will be back in '06. There never was a doubt."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Eli was one of the four players we were considering as the first pick in the draft. Eli, his family and [agent] Tom Condon of IMG felt that the Chargers were not a good fit for Eli's future. The rest is history. We wish him well in his NFL career."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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