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"I'd love to build in the feeling of early San Antonio, which was an oasis, which was why everybody came here. Urbanization has to some degree wiped that out ... we've been cutting trees and putting cement everywhere we can since then."
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"It's always possible. It's a tough business and certainly that's not unknown that they leverage one city against the other. I don't believe so myself. I think they have some serious interest in San Antonio. But perhaps I'm of a trusting nature."
"From the outside, it may look like a fairly seamless operation, ... but the truth is, that's not true."
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"This year's general-fund revenue, paid for by property-tax revenues, fines, fees and City Public Service income is $728 million. Last year was $620 million, which is (about) a 17 percent increase over last year. Phil's not doing anything different than what the rest of them (former mayors) do. That money comes from taxpayers' pockets."
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"Let Project Quest get back to work and train the citizens of San Antonio."
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"It would give us the best linear park in the United States and increase the drawing power of the river ... that would make this City even greater."
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