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Brian Doyle Quotes

7 Brian Doyle quotes:

"We're figuring out how best to use them as a business."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"He is the type of scientist that bridges the gap between the science community and the commercial fishing community. He?s equally comfortable working in both arenas."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"We're trying to get consistency. We've had trouble getting a consistent scorer."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"We're making strides. Recently, we've played some games into the fourth quarter we felt we could win."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Even the best churches find it hard to reach the hearts of men. Finding ways to mobilize men is no easy trick."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"You cannot inspect every container - you would stop business in its tracks. The programs put in place for port security have been pretty massive."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"There is more than enough evidence that we have good security … these issues were addressed quickly and efficiently."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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