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6 Brian Hamilton quotes:

"Business owners overstate the constraints. People don't understand that they are not going to lose clients over a stringent accounts receivable policy."
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"This would be statistically more significant if the company had flat revenues."
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"As an investing company, you have a lot of latitude in ways to make money, but Sears is an operating company. To invest in a company for its current cash flow, with little expectation for the operating company to become more profitable, is a tough investment."
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"Nobody wants to be criticized. Any company or research firm that goes against the grain is going to be criticized."
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"Benchmarking, generally, is far from a science. When you're talking about private company benchmarking, there are well-known limitations to the gathering and use of that data."
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"If the money is coming in the front door at 100 miles per hour, and going out the back door at 110 miles per hour, that's not a good thing. Businesses don't fail because they are unprofitable; they fail because they get crushed on the accounts receivable side."
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