Brian Grazer Quotes

5 Brian Grazer quotes:

"There's always a year when the pundits say the movie business is over,"
Author: Grazer Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"She went because it had been talked about so much by Johnny Carson and Bob Hope."
Author: Grazer Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I don't think he wants that level of intimacy or sees the value in it, ... He's just the worker. He's always been the worker. Now he's the worker and the CEO."
Author: Grazer Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"She has a protective eye. She's experienced a lot in her life and that intense protection is always in full operation."
Author: Grazer Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"We're coming out of the valley we were in this summer. People love Jodie Foster and showed they'll come out for the right thing. It's about the movies you make."
Author: Grazer Quotes Category: Love Quotes

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