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Lance Wilson Quotes

8 Lance Wilson quotes:

"The realization that the Total Available Market (TAM) is decreasing is really starting to hit home with players in this market. Depending on their market position, companies will need to take a hard look at their commitment to remaining in this business. Indeed, some companies' very survival may depend on their ability to diversify to new sectors beyond wireless infrastructure."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"All of these factors are defocusing for operators, and distract them from their core business of rolling out services, combating churn (turnover) and ensuring that they can attract high paying subscribers."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"This gives us a lot more confidence in knowing we can do things."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"The services being offered to the customer have not quite caught up with the technology."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Qualcomm has a very viable patent portfolio, and they are trying to extract the maximum amount of money out of it that they can while at the same time the licensees are looking to spend as little as possible for the right to use the patents. It is likely that what is going on is some business maneuvering going on both sides."
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"Most of the problems come from people who don't live in these areas."
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"In practice, managed services vendors are primarily the major wireless infrastructure equipment vendors. This is logical: they already have close relationships with the service operators; they have the very deep pockets needed to succeed in this field; and they've always offered some services relating to their own equipment installation and maintenance. Finally, they enjoy economies of scale, because they may offer the same service to many different operators."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"The rollout of WCDMA will continue, ... but service providers are also upgrading their GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, so it will take a little longer for WCDMA to become the ubiquitous standard in the GSM family of technologies."
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