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"We really just love the draft - and when you love something as much as this, you have to get as much information as possible to do it the way you want to. And it became clear pretty early on that you can't rely on anybody else but yourself. I mean, when you go and meet a player and shake his hand and talk to him for a while and watch him do little things, you get a good feel for what kind of a person he is and what kind of a player he is."
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"We had 13,000 unique visitors here today on a Monday. Can you imagine if you had 13,000 people in a room, and you were talking to them? That's what you're doing. It's about reaching people, having a voice, having an opinion."
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"There are sites that are pretty well-known sites that are subscription based. That's a business model that people tend toward when their site gets success. But we're never going to do that."
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"So it's a very seasonal activity - and it would be hard for most people to make their income purely on that."
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