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John McDermott Quotes

7 John McDermott quotes:

"These cases the girls missing are most unusual, no bodies have been recovered."
Author: McDermott Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"Petrol prices are like a tax increase -- they take money out of everyone's pockets,"
Author: McDermott Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"We can put them in flood plains if we elevate them, if we elevate them according to the rules and regulations."
Author: McDermott Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The business community will not like it, but they know higher interest rates are inevitable."
Author: McDermott Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"These indicators, if they are to be believed, predict a hard landing, in other words a recession."
Author: McDermott Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"While commodity prices clearly look extended from a cyclical perspective, supply and demand fundamentals nevertheless look favourable,"
"But, equally, the impetus provided to the economy by rising commodity prices has passed, particularly with New Zealand's export commodities unable to keep pace with surging oil prices."

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