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Pete Smith Quotes

7 Pete Smith quotes:

"We hope to have everything in place to begin to take applications (for grants) in February."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"They found the owner had been shot. He was inside the business. And we had one suspect shot and out in the parking lot. Apparently, the robbery was by multiple suspects. We're not sure how many."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The first thing, is paying our share of the Katrina bill. After that, his priorities are higher education and (state) employee pay."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"The medical volunteers have come in to fill a critical need and their support has been immeasureable."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"What a fantastic opening night of our PSL campaign we couldn't have asked for a better situation with Peter Nicol winning the decider to close the evening. Nicol David was brilliant too, and has obviously made a big hit with our members by sitting in the crowd to watch all the matches after she'd finished playing. At the end of the evening there was a club full of smiling faces, as well as a very happy manager!"
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It's not just calls of service. They're aware of stolen vehicles and they're making good arrests on them."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"The plan itself is still being drafted. We're working with HUD on rules and regulations."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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