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39 Gavin DeGraw quotes:

"I'm like a junkie for writing."
"I'm very competitive, and my ego couldn't handle that lack of success."
"So when you start touring, women are definitely going to check you out first."
"The early Billy Joel stuff I fell in love with, like Glass Houses, is a real rock record."
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"From being around live audiences in a lot of cities, I've more developed a desire to hear them react, more than I used to,"
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"I guess I'm happy that I'm getting the attention. Otherwise, I'd just be playing in a local bar in front of my family members, and I'm sure they'd get sick of that in no time."
"I may never get my own action figure, but at least I think what I'm doing is really legitimate musically."
"I was introduced to country music around a campfire on a farm."
"Playing in front of people is a lot different from playing in your room."
"That's part of the fun, I guess, is having people excited about seeing you and signing autographs and getting to meet fans and things like that."
"I happen to be a guy who also plays the piano and sings, so people automatically associate me with Billy Joel."
"But I've never considered myself any kind of heartthrob. It sounds painful."
"Women are the first to jump on what is fashionable."
"I like to do the splits onstage."
"I love to play music."
"I took a lot of time to open myself up to taking chances musically."
"So if I was dating somebody now and the relationship didn't work out, I'd take that as failing."
"To me, all I ever want to do is play, and nothing else ever crossed my mind concerning a career. Just playing. Only the execution of the songs."
"You can be a singer, and you can be a guitar player, but putting them together is another animal."

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